Thursday, May 12, 2011

Project commences in 3... 2... 1...

As I gazed at the disaster that is my living room last night, I realized describing things was not going to be enough. I need pictoral proof of any progress I make. Maybe it will keep me more accountable to the project, too.

This weekend, I will be taking some Before pictures. I'll most likely take an additional Before photo before tackling the room, but it might be good to get a good baseline set. I'll post the pictures I take over the weekend or early next week so that people can better understand what I'm up against.

I plan to break the enterprise into bite-sized chunks. I'm going to work on one room each week. That way I can really focus - and maybe not feel so overwhelmed. I'll take a Before picture, a During picture, and an After picture. I'll write a bit about my decision process on what get kept, what gets donated, and what gets put in the sale/giveaway pile.

I'm going to begin in the upstairs family room. It is probably in the best shape - it is a public space so we generally keep it in better condition than private spaces - so won't take as long. I hope. It is also a space that the family uses every day, so it will make me feel good if it is clean and organized.

I'm marking my calendar: on Sunday, May 15, the Project Useful Beauty officially kicks off!

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